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Close to Home Values


Utilizing Readily Available Resources

Recruiting & Retaining High Quality Educators

Collaborative Community Approach

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Pitt County Schools has numerous valuable opportunities across the district.  However, availability does not equal access.  Kelly will work to educate the community about the opportunities available, while also working to make the opportunities accessible for all children across the district.  She will do this by remaining engaged and aware, working collaboratively with community partners, and seeing her fellow board members as a team of individuals who can accomplish more together than apart.

Educate the community about the schools with a focus: dual and immersion language programs; STEAM; AVID; global health & wellness; and the arts.  Families deserve choice, and Pitt County Schools offers a wide variety of choices that are sure to fit a family’s needs and interests.


Work to create opportunities for each child to engage with extra-curricular enrichment activities by addressing barriers such as transportation, distance, and cost.

Ensure that necessary resources are provided to schools, allowing children, teachers, administrators, and staff to have a safe environment, up-to-date materials, and access to technology to learn and achieve academic success.

Empty Classroom

The educators in Pitt County Schools have worked so hard in the face of challenges these past two years, and they deserve to be heard, supported, and compensated.

In order for our students to achieve academic success, our teachers must have support from administrators, parents, and the community.  When our teachers are taken care of, our children will be taken care of.

Teachers will come and teachers will stay when they are given access to the resources they need, including space, support services, compensation, and respect.

Team work

Schools are foundational to the health and wealth of our community, and we all have a responsibility to be part of the education of our children.  Involvement is important, but engagement is what makes the difference.

Engagement is:

  • Collaborating with schools in addition to giving to schools.  Engagement involves a two-way process - schools relaying information and needs to parents, and parents relaying information, needs, and services to schools.

  • Communicating with your child’s teachers and administrators regularly

  • Volunteering in the school and your child’s classroom when possible, and working with your child’s teacher to brainstorm ways to help that accommodate all schedules

  • Being present on campus and supporting the students’ achievements in extra-curricular enrichment activities, including athletics, Science Olympiad, Battle of the Books, Mock Trial, band & orchestra, and so many more

  • Serving with the PTA, the School Improvement Team, and other leadership opportunities within the school system

  • Volunteering to assist with afterschool enrichment activities

  • Being educated about and advocating for policies that support a sound basic education for each child

  • Making a personal connection!

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