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About Kelly Weaver

Pitt County Roots

Why Run for Board of Eucation

Kelly was born and bred in Greenville, North Carolina and has deep roots in Pitt County.  She is a mother, a mental health provider, and an involved member of this thriving community.  As a product of Pitt County Schools, and with children currently attending Pitt County Schools, Kelly is deeply invested in the work of the public schools across the county.


Kelly has been an engaged parent since her children entered the public school system.  Her engagement as an active member of the PTA opened the door for Kelly to serve as the parent representative on the School Improvement Team.  Participating in the Parent Engagement Program through Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County gave Kelly a deeper understanding of education and what it means to be engaged.  These experiences strengthened Kelly's investment in public schools, inspiring her to go beyond her own children to the needs of each child in Pitt County Schools and in this community.

Kelly is committed, passionate, and works collaboratively to live out her dedication to the mission of quality and accessible education for each child.  Kelly recognizes that every facet of this community depends on and impacts every other facet of the community as we all work together to help Pitt County grow and succeed.  Kelly sees the work of Pitt County Schools as foundational to the health and wealth of the community.  Collaboration with children, parents, teachers, and administrators, and other stakeholders across the community is paramount to ensuring students have access to all that they need for achievement and success.  She is eager to hear others' stories and work together to connect families, schools, and the community in a meaningful and productive way.

Collaboration for Success

Community Impact

  • Alumnae of East Carolina University and NC State University

  • Active member of the PTA

  • Parent Representative for the School Improvement Team

  • Graduate of the Parent Engagement Program with Parents for Public Schools

  • Volunteer across the community with multiple groups, including Ainsley's Angels, Jesse R. Peel LGBTQ Center on ECU's campus, and her children's classrooms

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